Private/Individual Care

Let us help tackle your "to do" list.

We are the company that assists you to get to the

next step in business or life. 

We are simply, HAPPY 2 ASSIST you - as you

grow your business

or need assistance on a personal  project.

- Email Management                 - Virtual Office Manager

- Office Organization                 - Sales Appointments / calls

- Business Office Consulting     - Bookkeeping

- Odd office tasks                        - Social Media Posting

- We are the company that steps in when you feel you don't have the time or enough employees to complete the task. We will get your business through the "business hurdle" until you are ready to hire a full time solution.

How do our services work?


Business Services

- Home Organization                 - Financial Organization

- Elderly Advocate

- Group Challenge Sessions (creating small goals for people as they go, so they can see small successes that will get them to a larger goal.

- We are the company that is by your side supporting you as you make small changes in your life.

Every situation is different, therefor our Coordinator will meet with you for an initial appointment. During this initial appointment the Coordinator will listen to your every thought taking in all of your needs, and goals. This step is vital so we can get a good understanding of what you truly need.

After the initial consultation, we then come up with a plan of action for you. It can be as simple as just deleting your unwanted emails so you don't have to think about it to creating a monthly or quarterly goal plan that we assist you with so you can get to the next step.

Our only goal with you is for you to feel a little mental relief and for you to see small successes.  Remember, it's baby steps that get you someplace.  Once in a while a leap is needed but mostly "slow and steady wins the race." We will help you with that consistency and put you back on track when needed.